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Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope Review

Celestron 52250

The Celestron 52250 is a perfect long distance spotting scope. If you are a wilderness explorer, then it is a must have accessory in your backpack. You can use it for observation, hunting and target mapping. It comes at various sizes & prices and that is the most special thing about it. This riflescope is a performer and it performs beyond expectations. A budget device along with great usage perspective & nice features- if this is your requirement, then you are at the right place at right time!

The Celestron 52250 is a valued product with an exceptional outcome. It offers 50% brighter and sharper images which are way better than any 60mm entry-level spotters. You will get an achromatic objective lens with this refractor style spotting scope. The multilayer anti-reflection coating ensures excellent light transmission here. Not only that, it’s sleek and waterproof design will amaze you for sure. The padded soft cases on both ends are there for the protection in case you are mounting it on a tripod.

We discussed more in the sections below-

Notable Specifications

  • More Zooming More Fun-The Celestron 52250 is capable of zooming from 20X up to 60X. You will find the zooming knob fairly smooth, with just a few turns you can reach the maximum zooming level without losing the sharpness of the object.
  • Enjoy Clear and Sharp Images- The BAK 4 prisms have multiple layered anti-reflection coatings to enhance the brightness and clarity of your spotting scope. This facility also minimizes any loss of incident light.
  • Works Well in Every Condition- The Celestron 52250 can be totally functional in extremely rugged conditions. The device doesn’t occupy too much space and provides additional security. Don’t hesitate to use it in harsh conditions, it is waterproof even!
  • The Perfect Angled Version- It is available in both angled and non-angled versions. If you are an observer, the 45* angle will be right for you. Of course, there will be some other people who will prefer straight viewing models. The rubber eye cap and the angular eyepiece are the other important features of this category. The rubber eye cap works as an extension to the camera. The angular eyepiece helps you frequently switch between your camera or riflescope.
  • Tripod Friendly- This scope gets easily attached to different tripod attachments and you can use it in the different type of positions according to your requirement.
  • Great for Outdoor Enthusiasts-It’s an all-around optical instrument for nature observers. The outdoor enthusiasts will love it as allows subtle observation in any sort of natural environment.


  • The Celestron 52250 carrying case is soft for protecting sensitive optical partsCelestron 52250
  • The sight tube ensures quick targeting
  • Apparent field of view is 40-60°
  • The eyepiece provides great celestial & terrestrial observation
  • Allows good control ad grip
  • The sleek body and the gray & white exterior is eye-catching
  • For SLR shooting you can get T-mount threading on your eyepiece barrel.
  • Peep sight for quick locating
  • Provides 80mm objective size


  • Chromatic aberration or blue fringing may occur when zooming it beyond 20X, but still, the sharpness and the quality remains the same.
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Can I use Celestron 52250 as an astronomical scope?

A. Spotting scopes are not recommended for astronomical uses because of different mechanisms. However, you can look at the stars & moon with it, but the clarity and the satisfaction of viewing will be missing

Q. Is it available in straight or angled version?

A. It is available in both versions. The angled version gives you 45-degree angle

Q. Is this scope friendly to eyeglass wearing

A. Yes. It does not create any issues if you are wearing glasses.

Customer Reviews & Scores

The Celestron 52250 is an extremely popular spotting scope.

Let’s start with some negative reviews-

One customer complained about the magnification,

“Greater than 20X zooming the scope doesn’t perform well. You have to put your eyeball closely attached to the lens to see the full view which is irritating!!”  

But, most of them liked the overall performances.

One of them said,

“I am a wildlife photographer & I think this is the best buy for me, can’t wait to use it in the wilderness.”

On the whole, this spotting is a highly recommend product for special purposes.

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