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Bushnell AR Optics FFP Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Reticle AR-223 Riflescope

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The Bushnell AR Optics FFP Illuminated BTR-1 riflescope provides an illuminated, ballistically calibrated reticle, optimized for apply with 5.56 rounds. BDC gives accurate ranging and aiming to 600 meters.

There disclosed a customer review for this product at Amazon, which describing that maximum customer put their positive rating for this best-selling item. Rather Amazon’s customer review has been clearly mentioned that this product is outstanding and especial loving to the customers.

Product Features & Specifications

  • Quality optics along with stunning HD clarity
  • 100 percent quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Good-looking design and durability built to last
  • BTR-1 illuminated First Focal Plane reticle serves outstanding low light performance and correct holdovers out to 500 yards
  • Individual Throw Down PCL (Power Change Level) for quick power changes
  • Features aim turrets (.1 Mil click value) for pinpoint-precise adjustments
  • Completely multi-coated optics for incredible brightness
  • Made of high-durability aluminum alloy, anodize-finished and sealed to defend the inside from elements

The Pros


  • BDC reticle sighted at 100 yards good out to 500 yards,
  • Illumination is good for medium light,
  • The quick adjust bar for magnification great for changing magnifications on the fly.
  • Turret has covered and is low profile
  • Crisp clear glass
  • 1/10 moa adjustments,
  • On off position for every brightness level of illumination
  • Can be used as a red dot on 1x,
  • Mixed feelings about the PCL (Power Control Lever) – as long as it holds up.
  • If the red dot were to fail, the horseshoe / dot reticle is still there, just not illuminated.

The Cons

  • Illumination seems not good in bright lights

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Does it have non-illuminated cross hairs while the battery is not on?

Answer: It is very usable without batteries in daylight. Go to the Bushnell website to see what the “cross hairs” appears like.

Question: How does it heap up against a Burris MTAC?

Answer: The main thing between these two is the reticle one has a first focal plane reticle (Bushnell) which magnifies with your magnification setting. The MTAC has a 2nd main plane reticle which will not adjust with your magnification. Personally, I have not so many times behind a Burris scope but I typically suspect it to be clearer and superior eye relief.

Question:  I have a colt flat top with the onwards sight post attached – do I require removing the front sight to use this scope?

Answer: You can use as is, no require removing post

Question:  Whether the product is really effective?

Answer: Obviously, it is effective I think.

 Question:  How is the lens lucidity/distortion at 1x? Does it have the dreaded “fishbowl” shifting at 1X?

Answer: No. It’s no vortex but overall I’m very pleased with it. For the price, it’s fine worth the money.


Customers’ Reviews and Ratings:

“I absolutely love this scope. The one main thing I would like to say that if your battery expires you don’t have to worry about having iron sights on it because your reticle will still be there it just won’t be illuminated. If you’re looking for something affordable with amazing quality this is what you’re looking for. I use this on my Ruger AR556 to blast away coyotes. 500 yds are no problem”.

A customer’s review has seen available on Amazon for the product. Let’s have views on some valued customers review which will significantly assist to decide in buying the said product without more delay.

Final Comments:

According to consumer’s reviews and noted ratings at Amazon, it can be decided that the users are receiving advantages extremely from the aforesaid item. Accordingly, we can earnestly recommend the product for our famous clients which will offer them a unique friendly practicing environment.

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